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    me gusta. Ya lo sabes.
    - No te gusta? Están haciéndote maravillas. Ellas tan solo ayudan. Relájate princesita, relájate.
    Frente a nosotros hay un barco inglés con una pareja de niños pescando. Llaman a sus padres. Salen de su cabina y miran divertidos. Son también nudistas. No sé que pensar.
    La cosa va a más y Cheli encadena orgasm

    come here jan 2010 wanting to hear from us you say.

    Once your *BIG* sale is over we never see you again!!

    Your bastard children LM/YL/LPW are still selling lasers for you and we know it. You care nothing about accuracy or biz ethics-- you drop in and lurk but no new posts-- for a long time now. You throw your employees under the bus- tie their hands and treat women like crap-- When we do get a sales rep here that tries to be both helpful and honest you run them off. Move them to some department where they can no longer help us.
    I am removing you from my friends list --you have a strange way of doing business.

    Too bad you refused my free help we could have been friends
    I ordered a 200mw laser on 9/11 so will i still get it or not because you discontinued all lasers over 5mw?
    sorry, we were on a holiday and out of the office, really sorry for the delay, I have forward your questions to the laser product specialist, and will reply you today:)
    sorry Mike, last few days I was out of office, and I checked and found that we have resent you a laser, you can check and contact our customer service, thanks:)
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