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  • wow thanks for the heads up on that WL thread. where do i order and do they gaurantee shipping to the US???
    That makes me a saaaad Panda :(

    Btw, you need to change the colour of the Kenometer links in the RT :p
    I will now eat cereal myself. Yay.
    Just wondering if you are getting that CNI yellow for the banner ad competition...
    Looking forward to a good review of it...
    Be sure to let us all know!
    Wow, that's a lot man! Hope you can get on top of it :)
    IR happy right now, I handed in my first exam yesterday and now have a week of holiday! That means I can finish my IgorT review, party a lot and go back to Belgium to visit friends and family :)
    Actually, even if I had lost rep it wouldn't really matter to me.. what does matter to me is that he wrote such a pathetic comment along with it. It makes is seem like LPF is just another gaybashing youtube flamewar..
    Why thank you very much ;) You are indeed also an awesome member!
    I guess you can just fling around some more rep quickly so you get to give me again :p

    Have your internetz been restored completely btw?
    Awesome niko, I'm looking forward to seeing them :)
    A tripod with a clamp is a must for any laser enthusiast - Helps with beam shots, measurements, mirror effects, finding divergence, power measurements.. a lot! I bet you have already used it plenty.
    got all my LEDs and stuff, and made a few orders already, turning out great!
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