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  • Wax On, F*ck Off with Ralph Macchio from Ralph Macchio, Todd Holland, Molly Ringwald, Kevin Connolly, Pat O'Brien, Michael Lerner, chad_carter, FOD Team, Chris Kula, Antonio Scarlata, June Diane Raphael, and Shauna O'Toole - Video
    Hey Niko,

    I was up on Shirt.woot buying the latest "Flash w/poison Apple" shirt when I stumbled upon this periodic table shirt featuring the new element "Chucknorium"... You just gotta get one!

    Here's the link: Shirt.Woot : One Shirt, No Shoes, No Service (SM)

    Pretty reasonable price too.

    Cheers, CC
    I just downloaded a super awesome program that converts it to GIF. I'm adding the video to my sig. Check it out
    Thanks for the reply niko. I made a GIF version with Macromedia but its horrible. I'll have to see if there's a program that'll convert it without ruining the video.
    "Back off meng, I'm one bad-ass laser-wieldin' Argentinian."

    *hears bullets whizzing by*
    *patting chest and head*
    "...Ha!!! Ju missed mee!!! Now ees my turn, pendejo..."

    "Oje, I done fragged ju up bigtime, cabron!"

    *Walking away...*
    "¡coño!, there's no freaking way I gonna clean that chit up meng - das what LPF got Mods for... .
    Here's another talented Niko... :)
    NICO Di MATTIA . com - Digital Artworks & Speed Paintings
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