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  • Hahah, do not worry. Its good to see you are slowly recovering. You don't need to shut up your mouth, just watch WHAT you say, to WHO you say, and WHAT you DO. You should be fine then. ;)
    You don't need to + rep me, don't think it as an obligation! ;)
    Thank you man I really appreciate that. I will return the favor when I can +rep again.
    Best regards friend.
    NP man. I felt the same thing you feeled too. About the neg rep and so. The real 'drama' that they talk about rolls by the rep system, on this forum. If i'd have more rep, you would have more points then. I'm just helping dig out the hole ;)
    No problem at all.. this is a great hobby! We're all good.. I'm sure it won't take long for you to work up some rep, and like I said before I'll reverse my neg when I am able.
    I appreciate and respect the fact that you came directly to me and voiced your thoughts. Where I'm coming from is that we've gotten lots of n00bs here who think they can bitch and moan about the most ridiculous stuff.. like goggles, or federal law, or a mnemonic device that has been around for decades. Consequently I have a short fuse when it comes to that kind of stuff.. but I can admit that perhaps the neg rep was more than was necessary in your case. I'm unable to withdraw rep given or taken away until I've repped some other people (forum rules) but once I can leave rep for you again I'll leave some positive rep to make up for it.
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