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96.85840735 percent clayton... the rest is just pi
405nm >> Skylasers PL405 500mW, overspec generic pen 70mW
445nm >> Blord 3W Dominator
460nm >> laserBtB 50mW pen
473nm >> Jet Lasers PL-E Pro 10-30mW
488nm >> Uniphase 2214-40MLA Cyllindrical Argon Ion
515nm >> Skylasers HL515 30mW
520nm >> Skylasers HL520 50mW
532nm >> Skylasers PL532 700mW, CNI 532nm GLP
543.5nm >> JDS Uniphase HeNe
589nm >> DL Spartan 50mW
632.8nm >> JDS Uniphase HeNe
638nm >> Blord 501B 200mW
650nm >> generic pen 4mW
650nm >> Skylasers HL650 300mW
Lazerbee 5W LPM


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