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  • I changed my mind. I am going to squeeze the wallet and get one of your lenses. I only want the custom G1 and it is indeed for a 9mm 445nm from DTR in his v4 module. Money will be sent shortly.
    Hello Mr. Jayrob,

    I have some questions concerning the appropriate parts for a specific pointer based upon your kits. I have sent them to you via PM.

    Hi Jay,
    I'm a newbie, very interested in ordering the SS18650 kit. But also in need of some advice. PM you already. Please help, many thanks..
    My mod is a 2D Mag modified... (1000 lumens / 3 modes) Take a look at this thread:
    FS: 1000 Lumen XM-L T6 Maglite Mod With Voltage Monitor - Parts, or Complete Light!

    We can cut yours down if you want, or just order a new 2D size because the cost will be about the same to just order a new one because you wont have to ship it.

    Send me a PM! :beer:
    I have a 6D Maglite, got it off of Amazon. I want something a bit brighter than 140 lumens. What modifications could you do for me, and what would be the cost(s)? I'm not too sure about Terralux. Thank you. Bradley
    Hey Jay,
    I am interested in your 1000 Lumen complete kit.
    How much is it for a complete 1000 Lumen XM-L U3 Maglite Mod With Voltage Monitor, delivered to Australia?

    Also could you include the 32650 LI batteries?

    Please let me know?

    Jayrob can in ask for a huge favor I know it is highly unlikely but I am building my first laser it's gonna be a 2w blue laser I got a aurora flashlight c6 but I was wondering if u have a heatsink I could have for it even if its used i greatly apreciate it
    I'm GOING to buy a laser in the next few weeks. Was going to just get the 1.4w Spyder Arctic... but I saw your stuff. Are you still doing those custom builds with the maglites? Have some questions if you are... and am very interested in possibly getting one instead of a Spyder.
    The EZ focus adapter, and copper heatsink, glass lens mod, for the Phaser Build, everything I need to build...I have the gun and I want to build one.
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