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  • Hey bud I am looking for your kit for my maglite laser hack.. I also did some 1000+ lumen mods on the mags and have built a few lasers in small hosts but want to do a big one in a 2-4d mag (I have all 3 types) and lost access to some of my machining equipment..

    What would you charge for the kit minus the batteries? I will find some batteries myself and already own a ton of 18650s I could possibly make a sleeve for myself.
    Hi Jay,

    Are you still making the L2P heatsinks?
    If so, I would like one to the following specs:
    heatsink (v5 thermal glued version)
    EZ Focus adapter (smooth)
    Hi buddy I've been trying to find a UltraFire RL 118 host for a long time, didn't even think to ask you, do you have any in stock please mate I really want one!
    Yes it's really easy but first read up on eye safety and proper eye protection...
    First off, thanks for the posts. They are very helpful.

    I have been interested in building a blue laser for years and have finally decided to do it. From reading your posts all I would need to do the build is a host body, laser diode, and Aixiz module correct?

    There is so much information on this forum its easy to get lost in it.
    Hi jayrob I see your work on this forum for several years. I start a mod for jax Z1 with a sbt 70 .
    And I see you made some copper pill for other flashlight and I want to know If you are capable to make a copper pill for this flashlight.
    With more mass (for better heat dissipation)
    Can you let me know if you interested in helping me with this project.
    And if you are capable of making this parts.
    If you are okay let me know what you need (measurement, pictures or other thing)
    And finally let me know your price for this.
    Thank you very much
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