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  • Hi jayrob I see your work on this forum for several years. I start a mod for jax Z1 with a sbt 70 .
    And I see you made some copper pill for other flashlight and I want to know If you are capable to make a copper pill for this flashlight.
    With more mass (for better heat dissipation)
    Can you let me know if you interested in helping me with this project.
    And if you are capable of making this parts.
    If you are okay let me know what you need (measurement, pictures or other thing)
    And finally let me know your price for this.
    Thank you very much
    I'm interested in building a 1 W 405nm laser based on your maglite D kit. Give me a holler at miken277@yahoo.com
    Hey Jayrob, I am very new to the whole world of building laser and I decided that I would like to start myself off with your Stainless Steel Green Kit!. Im not sure how the whole process happens between payment and shipping but pm or email me please. Thank you
    Hey Jayrob i am wanting to build a pt-121 or pt-54 maglite build i have blue pt-121's and red pt-54's. What i am looking for is the heatsink you made for your pt-54 builds. please get back with me on a price also how much and or where can i get the voltage monitor for..!!!!
    Hey Jayrob. I'm just checking if you are still doing the Mini Mag Kit and if not could you recommend a good or better host ?
    Thanks :thanks:
    Yeah I don't know... Trial and error...

    I think it would be a better solution to mount a camera on the slasher...
    Hi Jayrob,
    My Father-in-law wants a laser that can been seen during the day in full sunlight.
    it is to mount on a tractor to show the edge of where the slasher will cut the grass, so that he can drive as close as possible to a tree while looking forward and know that he will miss it with the slasher (without turning around) we wants a laser to mount on the outside edge of the slasher.. pointing forward (but into the ground around 10 meters in front) must be able to be seen with green grass as its background and in the middle of a sunny day.
    Any suggestions and costs?
    Heaps Haydn Brisbane Australia
    So I was in a lecture on my phone yesterday browsing forums and I looked at this post you had just made saying "Sending PM... ". I thought it was a system message telling everyone you were typing a response for like 5 minutes, so I sat there and watched it. LOL. Thought I'd share my moment of confusion, hah.
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