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  • With a caliper that measures to the thousandth, use the depth gauge on the end of it to measure from the top of the diode, to the face of the module. Then compare the measurement on your lens. (from the back of the AixiZ focus ring, to the bottom of the glass lens)

    This will tell you if it is safe to screw the lens assembly all the way down to the point where the focus ring touches the module or not...
    I pressed it a little past the flush point..well enough that the diode stopped and i could see the beveled edge around it..still it shouldn't touch right jay? I just want the peace of mind:)
    thanks jay
    That would also depend on whether or not you pressed your diode past the 'flush point' or not.

    I would guess that your safe, and the diode will not be able to touch the lens. But I warn to just be safe about this by focusing into place with the laser on... That's the best policy.
    Cool, by the way jay if i put no spring on the g-1 mod would it be possible that if i screwed the lens all the way down the lens would hit the diode? or would it be stopped by the brass threaded and the bottom of the aixis modual hitting each other.. if you know what im talking about:)
    Wait jay, Delivery Confirmation tells when your package arrives only right? correct me if im wrong
    Yeah... focus is very touchy with the 405-G-1... You get used to it though! :)
    Jay --
    I made my focus ring today out of Lexan. Almost can't see it. I didn't realize that your lens goes from 6" to inf in about a 1/4 turn !! I'd post a picture but I don't know how.

    Hey man, If you get a second im having a pretty frustrating problem thats probably not even a big deal, but i need your expertise on this matter. it seems to me the voltage is dropping out in my laser. i posted a thread in the help and tutorials section. check it out if you get a minuet. Thanks J
    Sorry Jay, by "we" I meant Vienna, not myself (I don't have a bike). My idea of "cruising" is in a ragtop, with no helmet but a whole lot of steel around me... ;o)
    btw, we had a Harley "meet" Sat. in Vienna, smack downtown and there were no less than 30,000 spectators, not to mention almost 2,000 bikes :wave:
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