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    nah all i have is the green from the clearance sale thread.. i think that ones ~13-14mm in daimeter.
    I would be happy to look at it for you. Before I can give much of an estimate, I would need to know that the parts are correct, all there, and work. My "labor" for assembly is $20. You also pay for the shipping (your choice of method).

    Sorry for getting them out so late but your warning labels are getting sent out today. They were a city away from me and I didnt have a reason to o there until today. I apologize for the delay.
    P.S. Your test load did not work. I built another one. I was going to repair yours and send it back, but I did not have any more resistors. Sorry
    Yeah I still have a crap load of them. Let me know how many you need and your address.
    nah its alright:) as long as its 120mA it is most likely over 100mW right?
    Thats all i really wanted..
    Can you run a 2 minute test on the module before you send it out to me?:)
    Anyways, thanks alot for the awesome deal to help me out!
    i purchased the driver and aixiz module the same night you paid me, so it should get to me soon...io'll let you know when i have tracking numbers from rkcstr and drew.
    lol no it hasn't shipped.....ws trying to figure this stupid thing out....i've never used google checkout.
    i'm assuming the money just goes into my bank account?
    hey man it usually takes more than a week for stuff to get here from the states.
    I'll let you know when it does
    Hi elitesniper;

    Have you considered trying one of the new lens assemblies ?

    I am testing a green focusable laser for power increase in a few days.

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