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  • astrolop, you will want to use a driver to regulate current. Take a look at the tutorials section. There is a lot of information. This becomes easy to do, but there is a learning curve that we all had to go through...

    Airsoftlaser, I responded to your question in my Mini Mag thread...
    jayrob, do you sell the basic mini mag kit without the mini mag flashlight? Also where can I get the battery(is it 3V)
    hey jay, a question, I can connect the laser diode directly to the battery 3v resistors or need ????..... .. thanks
    Ha ha! I just like quality stuff is all. That's why I ordered your adjustable sled mount/heatsinks...

    I know quality when I see it!

    You always have the nicest stuff.

    The bikes, the lasers. that awsome pool. How do you keep from becoming a spoiled brat I will never know.
    oops sry I thought I was sending a PM on that last message.

    Anyway now you have 2 more VMs

    Good News!

    My daughter informed me that my new Lathe is waiting for me at the house. I can get to building 3 axis heat sink mounts as soon as I get back. I can't wait to play with my new toy. I expect a lot of scraps at first as usual with any new machine but I should have it mastered enough in a day or two and have quality mounts out by Wednesday. I have to shorten the grooves a bit to give you 4mm of set screw length and I know you want them all to be that style. Is there any other customizations you would like to see? One thing I was thinking was to mill two mounting screw slots on the washer mounts so that a person could strafe there laser a bit as well as pivot on the 3 axis so they can tweak where the laser comes off the mirror and line them up to the same starting point easer.


    That's a good idea! It's similar to what sightfx has done with his version 3 sled/module mounts. I personally like the looks of those 'finned' mounts that he has. I just want them as small as possible...
    Hi Jay,
    wondering if you have seen my post on rog's 7 color thread about the rifle laser housing for adjustment. Wondering what you think? Maybe if you just machined cylinders a little larger in dia. than an axiz mod with a cap end and tap two sets of adjustment/set screws, one forward and one aft.
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