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  • Peace and Prosperity ...:)
    A 200mW 808nm...What are your plans for this?

    Safety for the lamp is a big concern. I'm still thinking that a tube filled with a fluorescent liquid would be a good fix for this. Or maybe a fiber optic cable running through a clear tube. IDK the possibilities are endless. :) I trust that you will find a way to make it happen.
    Thanks Heath. I have some more to add I went and purchased a 200mW 808nm.

    I'm still working on the lamp there is a few hiccups there. Safety and practicality issues also. It's pushing my technical skillz... what little I had.

    I really want to add one of those reigals, but next up is a LPM. Peace and prosperity
    to you.
    No offense intended....I think that I have decided to go with the Pioneer. Here are my reasons.

    1.) Perfect fit in my car
    2.) It will sound better than my stock stereo
    3.) The vast amount of features it has
    4.) Sadly enough....the cool factor

    I fully respect and agree your view that the Kenwood will sound better, but I really want something that will cosmeticly match my car. Thanks for your help though, you confirmed everything with me that I was thinking at the time.

    Oh...I used to be heavy in it when I was in high school. I had 2 12" subs with 1000W amp and a nice big old capacitor.....I used to spend a ton of money on moding cars and stereos....Yes I was into street racing....shoot I used to own a toyota Supra. :)

    My priorities have changed in life, but there is still one thing that I insist on having and that is a decent audio system in my car. Now the stock Scion tc Pioneer radio isn't terible, but it does fail miserably when it comes to satisfying me to my standards of audio quality.

    I do know that the Kenwood Excelon will produce the best sound out of the two....but man, that Pioneer is tempting. Also...that Kenwood Excelon is the top of the line for a non-DVD player deck. That pioneer is the lowest for the in-dash dvd player world.

    Really by now, it should be obvious to me that I should buy the Kenwood. I just don't understand why the decision is so hard for me to make on this one.

    Oh well....Thanks for your help.
    I forgot to mention in the day I was peaking at 120 decimals in my vehicle when I was heavy in that hobbie. Scwheet.:drool:
    hum...let me see I would probably still go for the kenwood it's about as close as you'll get for that money to acoustically correct per instrument reproduction.

    this means that it would replicate the instrument that created the sound in the musical array as if it would be in you presence.

    Alpine, kenwood, infinite work in the guidelines pioneer doesn't
    I am already buying these at the largest discount available. I don't think that they will get any cheaper.
    Kenwood retails at $350 I am buying it for $225.
    Pioneer retails at $500 I am buying it for $305.

    There is another factor for me too. The Pioneer will fit flawlessly in my car...where as the kenwood wont.

    As you can see...there is a cover that goes over the radio.


    Since the Kenwood has knobs on it...I won't be able to close that cover ever again. The pioneer on the other hand doesn't stick out, so I would still be able to use it.


    Do you think that the Pioneer is worth the extra $75?
    Heath. I would do some more shopping then wait for the Christmas sales. Those are nice, but were at the end of the year and they only get cheaper.

    I would get the kenwood, but the pioneer has more options= more fun.
    So, what stereo should I buy. You said USA made? Which one where you refering to? I can't decide. :)
    I'm very blessed... I have been a superintendent on a golf course for over 6 years now. Before that I was an assistant super. Before that I was a irrigation systems
    specialist. Before that I was on crew as an equipment operator.

    for a total of 20 years on the links very rewarding life. Thank your for noticing.
    It has been easy for me cause of my farmer heritage and I give all the glory to God.
    He has challenged my life and I have been faithful as much as I can be.
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