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  • That is a pretty sweet gun you got there.....I either want a M1grand or one of our CQB rifles.
    not the mini gun... a mini 14. Thats the larger version of the .22 Ruger in .223 cal.

    Remember the A-team and those guns they had I believe those were mini 14 also.


    the AR-15 we call them bushmasters down here regardless if their colts or other makes.

    The price of living so far south I guess.
    I don't buy Bushmasters. I work for a company that makes these. :) (The best company (IMO))
    Lewis Machine & Tool Company :: www.lewismachine.net
    CQB 16" piston is what I want. Swap out the barrel length and caliber in less than 2 min.:)

    LOL...The Mini GUN :worthy:

    Moline, ILL what was I thinkin...We call those AR's bushmasters down here.

    I myself still like the mini 14 Thats the one I want:)
    check in the poll...LOL sorry I couldn't resist. It will turn up or that roomate of yours
    will suffer muwhaaaa.... I would want to be in his shoes you look like ya got some ball player in you. You Indiana boys got the good food going or something:)
    I am freaking out right now. I have some how managed to lose my waterproof blu-ray laser.
    I tend to freeze up in front of a crowd. :( It happens to the best of us.

    WOW...you are working on a ton of builds. I will save up for a lava driver....yes I said save. I am poor right now, but I will buy one. :)
    16X LCC @ 500+mA Crazy!!!!

    Typo's are ok in my book:)
    man oh man Heath I had to bury the rog build I wasn't have any luck on that so I'm waiting a NeHe that is decent...I'm moving on to the spyro that yobresal had on for
    a tutorial, but dr lava has my drives... I orderd 3 from his site then he e-mailed me to
    pay for my repaired units wich equal 5 then I cancelled my order for the 3 and now I don't no what the heck. Other than that I have a nice new 6x build and a sweet little
    660nm build that I have at over 500mA in A 16X LCC. You know I like those red units.

    I'm waiting on my drives before I order anymore host, But I'm still going to get that waterproof build going. Maybe you should stock up on a lava drive yourself.
    for that build. come on back. PS I was called into church to talk about my youth coach and I froze in front of everybody. Sounded like Charlie browns parents after that wa wa wo wa wha how embaressing
    Sorry...I wasn't able to get your package out today. First thing next week...I promise. :) Have a good weekend.
    If you want, I can mail out that heat sink, with out the project box...I have no idea if I will ever have the time to finish that project. The heat sink alone is pretty cool..(literally:))
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