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  1. jander6442

    Hurricane Irma

    Sheer pandemonium. Gas has run out, no wood, tape, propane, water, people waiting inlines to no avail for hours I MEAN HOURS!!! 75 and 95 are parking lots with no gas. We had 20" of rain last week in less than 3 days as a stationary system plopped on us. I have generators I have gas and now...
  2. jander6442

    Official specs of BDR-209 diode?

    Was it this one;) http://laserpointerforums.com/f38/dual-411nm-1335mw-2d-mag-pbs-cube-newport-mounts-89822.html
  3. jander6442

    1000 Watt drone

    I'll just leave this right here LPF:evil: Sorry if it's a re-post.
  4. jander6442

    465nm 5W Optical Corrected 8 Lenses System Blue Balista Handheld Laser.

    Re: 467nm 5W Optical Corrected 8 Lenses System Blue Balista Handheld Laser. Great Job.... so much perfection!:bowdown::bowdown::bowdown:
  5. jander6442

    LPF's Presidential Candidate Vote USA

    Yep, she was a socialist way before she turned "Progressive" you can find that on every search engine out there... well not google cause they are in the bag for her.
  6. jander6442

    Pulse tragedy

  7. jander6442

    Are we DOOMED

    Sleep deprivation from the unusually bright nights is a reason alone to have a negative effect on ones attitude therefor making ones Monday or even the duration of the full moon cycle almost like a woman on her monthly.:na:
  8. jander6442

    Are we DOOMED

    I'm a manager and I can tell u for a fact that the full moon is definitely responsible for call in's and bad moods!!!
  9. jander6442

    What are the best science fiction movies?

    I second all the above really liked Logan's run also Flash Ahhh He'll save everyone of us!!!
  10. jander6442

    Are we DOOMED

    Whats going on?????
  11. jander6442

    Trustfire S.S. 515nm build

    She's a keeper for sure!
  12. jander6442

    An Apology for Everyone

    Poking a tiger with a stick is never a good idea:whistle:
  13. jander6442

    An Apology for Everyone

    This might sound harsh nobody wants to admit they made a bad decision, but if anybody would have considered threads from the past they would have seen that there was a spec of deceit back when he was selling those sweet 515nm diodes. I bought one and was willing to loose that measly 30 somtin...
  14. jander6442

    Gun-type host

  15. jander6442

    1 watt 405 BDR-209DBK

    Sweet build with a nice diode!!! I would rep man but must spread some more around. Somebody put some rep down in my place, a stable 1W must be recognized.