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Crazy Jay
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  • You're suppose to be ignoring me, but you rep me?? I take my apology back, and cant wait till you screw up yet again. I'll be there with a big grin when it happens, while I'm waving goodbye.
    Hey, sorry. Apparently I got lost in the drama too. I leave you alone now. I lost my brain for a few days. It was not really about you. You were just caught in the middle of it. You're really dug deep. I wish you all the power brother.

    I'm out. The TJ show is going off the air. I love talking to you guys. I just have better things to do then play this game. Its not positive. Funny at times, but not positive. Dave has my contact info.

    Your humble troll,

    It's something I had to inform Avery about. This is a great site for laser research, discussion and parts.
    He said that I must have really liked this place
    How much are our lasers worth w/o LPF?

    I would have been happy with a 50mW 532nm before I joined LPF.. and my pocktes would be much heavier!
    You should edit your signature and add a nice Flash animation :spank:

    Hope it was your right decision to get back to your addiction :eg:
    Jay, you negative rep my for my views on your behavior on the forums? And then this: "Don't be fooled by what you see for you do not know what really is going on behind the scenes."

    I have a fair idea from speaking with a few senior members here... I used to think you where ok, I even liked the way you handled things for a bit. Now I can see you are indeed disturbed and perhaps need to seek help.

    I wish you well, I hope you get over what ever it is and we see you back here contributing once again. All the best.
    I've petted more dangerous things. Not least a cheetah, several snakes and (insert sexist joke here).
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