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  • sorry for the late response. I appreciate the gesture on the heat sink can't wait.
    I recommend getting the glass lens for that red Heath. Modwerx has the red coated
    lens for 6.00 US I believe.

    Have a good day. jander6442
    10440 batteries are to blame on this one. DX is selling a bunch of junk ones.:(
    I hooked the modual up to 3 16340 batteries that where putting out 11.8 Volts total and the current didn't fluxuate for over 4 min of run time. (+-2mA) It was running at about 480mA and was burning the crap out of everything.:)

    Just remember, That heat sink is yours once I manage to put it in a nice box.:)
    You got it..."great". No PHR there LPC LOC thats the one that ate through 6 or so batt. before I hung up the towel.

    Remember that unit was the one I said that was effecting the batteries
    on my units... ghost in the machine... I started threads w/ that mod in ? you and a couple other were the only members to help.

    I would only use that sucker in a laby w/ constant power... not batt. I rEEmember telling you that.;)

    The other diode is a LCC 16x from a 4x buner sled.

    Shweet heatsink though. have fun Heath and talk to you Mon I'm taking the fam to Bush Gardens today...YAhooo!
    Woh....now What did you send me?!!! I put the modual in the heat sink that I made for it and out came a bright red beam?!!! I thought you where sending a PHR?

    I must say, this thing is burning my closet door and it's over 5 feet away!

    As you can see from the video below, the current decreases from the very start of turning the modual on. Keep in mind that these are new batteries @12Volts. You of course already knew all of this.:) I will try my best to get to the bottom of this mystery.


    Mine did the same thing, but the current droped much slower than yours. Very strange.
    should be there today...Let me know I'm hoping some of my Aixis modules come in today I put in a big order this week.

    projects on the list

    #1 rog's amber build #2 my police build w/ 6x #3 PHR in rayfoss host adjustable.:)
    yea... the frames had been copied three times per slide. I just simply dropped those out.

    you get your mod yet?
    Sorry....I really have absolutely no experience creating those. It does look like you have increased it's speed some.:)
    I like the new avatar....Question though...is there any way you can speed it up a little? I think it would look even better if you did.:)
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