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  • There is bit more writing but it doesn't make any difference to us. It's just annoying. I go spreading some around and I'm just about to rep the person I want and then that popup comes up.
    Yes, I've noticed that. I believe the ones that say 24 hour are the ones you can rep, but not yet. I think we should get rid of the 24 hour limit altogether. I only repped you yesterday so won't be due for a few more days I bet.
    Thanks! No it isn't just you that's noticed. A while ago I was repping members roughly 3-4 days after the last, yet Diachi I hadn't repped for 7-8 days and I had to spread it around. :thinking: Weird, sometimes it glitches I believe. How did you manage to rep me only two days apart? I can't without hitting the 24 hour limit or seeing 'you have to spread some around'. :p
    GSS, thank you for the rep, finally made it to 50K, I never expected to see that happen.
    lol, thanks GSS. I tried spreading some around today and now I have met my 24 hour limit. :p
    I owe both you and Alaskan a couple of reps. :beer:
    Yeah it would be closer to 15. Hmm not sure but I could see that for sure, I hate it man, they say summer is supposed to be fun but not when it's 100 for a week straight, to give you an idea, it was so hot that even at 2 in the morning it's almost 80 degrees
    Lmao!!! I think you're right, it does start all over again!
    Hey that's a good experiment, I should try the bottle frozen test. In Oklahoma probably 30 min. Yikes!
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