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  • I'm glad you saw it. That is the cheapest price for this RGB laser I have found. If you use the checkout coupon code "LaserlandWelcome" it is supposed to be good for $2 off the price. :D
    Thanks for your trust Richie89 :) may i have your youtube channel pls, we will follow you :)
    Greetings from Okinawa!! It's cool to find another Okie on here. I wasn't born in Oklahoma but I was at Tinker about 14 years. We lived in OKC off of Sunnylane just outside of Moore. We just moved to Okinawa. So, now we're Pacific "Okies" if you dig. Well, that's all I've got for now 😀 I'll see ya out there!

    30 minutes:thinking: I would think 15?? Didn't it get so hot the even though there was still some ice in the middle of a glass the water was still warm when drinking it.
    It's alot cooler my way, should be better for you I hope:undecided:
    :( Other than maby something NASA has, I don't think any AC can keep up with that heat:whistle: I would think everytime you open the front door it starts all over again..
    What's worse is it feels pretty good when you first come in the house then the initial coolness wears off:rolleyes: How long does a frozen bottle of water last outside???
    Thought it was hot my side of the US..Just looked at the weather channel...
    110 deg your way:eek:
    Glad to hear! Also heard about your open can diode, that really sucks almost had my 07e crap itself before I realized a small thing of dust on the lens. Would not have ended well :p
    I have the press set flaminpyro makes, it's pretty easy. You can but the full set of in and out pressed go $50 I think. You can also just buy the one you need atm for $10-15
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