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  • Thanks for the rep Peter. :) Funny enough the numbers were coloured according to wavelength but the forum removed the formatting.
    Yep it's cold Pete, time to get a Parker. LOL.

    Thanks Peter, you are also on my main list of members. :)
    Sometimes it feels like forever since I can last repped someone. :p
    Thanks for the rep. I'm trying to rep you but can't still. Hopefully someone will help you out getting to 5M. :)
    I hate it when that happens, when I do that I just usually PM a mod and they take care of it. :yh:
    Thanks again, same goes for the kind words. :)
    So, you was surprisingly close to being able to rep me again. I wish I could say the same for you. :beer:
    had same thing happen to me-- felt terrible-got the neg removed PLUS a bunch of new +rep fpr not just me..in the long run it was a big plus...I asked a bunch to +rep AND got a mod to remove the neg--so YAY!
    Thanks for the +rep; I understand what you mean, unfortunately the system won't let you edit your comments once they're sent.
    I've accidently sent a message before I finished it a few times too. :yh:
    [*QUOTE]Thanks Radim, I just might try tooth paste or something on a tiny spot on the side of the lens though??[*/QUOTE]

    Hi my friend,

    have you find some solution already? I would be careful with using tooth paste. Maybe some generic without various abrasives. Try to explore the cause of problem, material and chemical reactions with product you will use (tooth paste usually contains some fluoride stuff - for its purpose). Even Coca Cola is known for phosphorus stuff (acid) doing things like cleaning old coins. I tried even lemon and salt for coins as a kid. Not sure how it will work in your case, but that would be my approach to the problem.

    Yeah, and I hope you are doing well. :)


    P.S.: Thanks for reps.
    Thanks for the rep! For my avatar I used a spare acrylic lens I removed from a cheap 60p laser that had broken and taped the lens to my phone camera. Had to keep super still though as one tiny movement would mess the photo up! (probably had around 40 attempts for this photo :crackup:)
    Thank you for the rep, I'm out right now, but when I can again, you are first on the list for a return :)
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