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  • Hi, I purchased a SXD-V8 Adj. to 5000mA from you 3 weeks ago, I just fired it up and the maximum current is around 2 amps using a 2 26650 batteries in series. Is there a jumper I need to canage to bring up the current rate? Tanks
    Flaminpyro, I am a scientist working on laser stimulated fluorescence. I am trying to source a USA manufactured driver for a 405nm 12mm 1 watt module with an adjustment pot. I see you have a lot of drivers offered. Do you have one that will work? Thanks!
    hey bud hope everything is ok. let me no when you get back on.., need a few things. ttys
    Hey I was sent your way from LaserCo. I need to buy a Flexmod P3 for my laser engraving project. They appear to be on back order. I was wondering if you had any you would be willing to part with? If not, what alternative would you recommend for analog/ttl driver for M140 (From DTR). I have looked around but everything is outside the USA or over $50.
    Thanks for the prompt reply & offer of assistance. I'm sitting on a new 2W M140 445nm that I'll prob run @ 1.8A. Will mount in a copper Aixiz module, and subsequently a dual-batt Cree flashlight host with a solid, heavy aluminum heatsink in the head. Since DTR seems to use the x-drive for that diode, I thought I'd hit you up for one (your choice of model) unless you would suggest otherwise. Contact board too w/ spring if I can fit it. Thanks again. John
    Hello. I was wondering if you had access to any 3.5 amp circular X-drives at around 17 mm diameter.

    Thanks in advance. :)
    I just purchased a m140 diode and would like to order a driver and possibly a contact board with spring from you. Would you recommend a x-drive @ 1.8 amps? Should I have you add a heatsink to this board as well? I'll likely put this in a standard-sized Cree focusing flashlight host (2 x 18650 batts). Any other info you need to make the recommendation, just let me know. I've built a few lasers already from scratch, but I want to take the easy way out with this build so as to limit the possibility of screwing up a nice diode. I'll need PayPal payment details from you too. Awaiting your reply. John
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    Al rayar el alba, Cheli se levanta y va a cubierta para dormir con ellos, no cabemos bien y ella es delicada en eso.
    Me despierto. Es de mañana. Saco la cabeza por el ventanuco y veo a los cinco tirados como pueden en la escasa cubierta. Me maravilla la desnuda belleza que hay sobre mi na
    I bought a laser from Apex Proxy last year. Something is wrong with it and Apex Proxy has not been active on this board since April 2014. Any idea where I can get this fixed. Thanks for the help! DLP911

    I hope this message finds you well. I am interested to purchase a copper heat sink for the Aurora SH-032. If you could please email me an invoice I will be happy to pay with paypal. My zip code is 96813 fyi if there is any shipping. Thank you in advance for your reply.

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