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  • Hello. I'm building a "laser derringer" It's a work in progress, it's machined from 70/76/T6 aluminum, and some brass for contrast. This will be a fully functional device, With sound effects recorded by me (From the laser in "Goldfinger" the James Bond movie.) It has a digital readout that monitors the lithium-ion battery that powers it, and a 6.4 Watt laser diode! Because it is so small, the duty cycle will be 10 seconds or less. But that seems to be long enough to burn a hole into a 1/4" cherry wood plank. I should have it finished and ready for testing by October. I'll post more photos then. Thank you for your time.

    Can anyone give me some advice on powering a 15 watt c-mount laser? I want something as simple as possible and as small as possible. Thanks, Ed.
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