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  • heya big dog--

    hmmm ?
    you mean AixiZ lens?? I assume its the standard used- never heard on anyone having thread problems with swapping lenses and 5.6 mm is diode size not lens afaik. I can find out and will get back w/ you later...len
    hi Guys finally Rode my Busa today didnt think i ever would again

    looking to get some new toys anything and everthing is insane on here now
    2-3-5 watt WTF my little 375 RPL is a toy now LOL
    Hi, john,

    we are laser manufacture in China, we are supplying laser pointer, laser sight, laser module, wireless presenter, if you have any interests in looking at our product list, please do not hesitate to let me know, thank you. my email address is: Anna@e6180.com
    Johnny if we don hear from you, merry Christmas!!!

    Johnnay! (said like Timmy, from southpark).:eg:

    What's happening? Long time, no see. Hope all is well.
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