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  • Ah, there you are :). Would you be able to hold it for me until after the Oct 31 pay day? In case some one wants to snatch it :D I’ll def buy it then.
    Thx Jeff


    Have you heard anything about the LPM? If he can't do it, anyone else can? Also, I have not been around since around June...I gave Eghemus abou 100 bucks...many months ago....to purchase some materials for a host I needed to design. I have been trying to reach him....looks like he has not been active since August....also I have his number but he does not answer....is he ok....know anything? Who else is making custom hosts.
    Hi, I would like to know if you're restocking soon the laser drivers. Would like to buy one of the X-Boost. Thanks :)
    I am new in laserland and i'm trying to build an rgb projector.
    Therefore i would like to use some flexmod P3 drivers.
    But i can't seem to find it anywhere in stock. Now i have read that you are the one making/selling those.
    Do you know if they are still available somewhere or an alternative?
    Hey, do you know a circuit I should use for a 450nm OSRAM 1.6W PL TB450B?
    It's "Typ" ranges are 4.8V, 1.2A.
    This is my second build.
    Thanks in advance I just need to be pointed in the right direction :)
    I am writing to you to inquire about product number 098 & 056, I'm a bit confused about how to list things are set up because some items say they are sold out and there is no add button but some items say they are sold out and there is an add button that allows you to add to the cart so basically my question is are these products available?
    I'm looking to get a non-adjustable xDrive V6 with a fixed current of 280 mA. Would you be able to make one for me?

    hi pyro!
    i am a total noob and crazy before laser. That's why i am trying to make a laser that can burn matches and pop balloon. Last time when i made i did it directly like kipkay ( my mistake ). This time i want to make it properly . so i researched and came to know about some basic stuff drivers , diodes and drivers. So i opened a thread there , then Isaac Clarke said that only you can help me . After a month there is a presentation in my school so i want to present it there. Bt do not have any idea of drivers and housings ( i want to make straight beam ). I am thinking to use 300 mw to 400mw diodes but not sure. can you please help. Awaiting positive response .
    Hey It's Joshua.

    Could you send me pictures of the hosts you have for single battery lasers.

    Hi pyro, I am a complete noob DIY laser hobbyist and I stumbled across your vast treasure trove of drivers. So I was just wondering when do you know it's best to use an X-drive vs X-boost vs a super X-drive or super X-boost? Sorry if this is such a broad question that it's hard to answer. Thanks.
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