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  • I hope you can get things figured out. I hope to see you back here in the future. Just remember...you are a valued asset to LPF and with out you here, it won't be the same. Either way, I respect your descision.
    I for one am very sorry to hear you feel you must leave for a while you add so much to this forum you will surly be missed, please don't stay away to long...
    thanks for the help E_F yopu tied the hardest to help--+rep to you sir- drivinfast247 had the right fixFYI--future ref.'Another thing you can try is go to: TOOLS-INTERNET OPTIONS, then click the ADVANCED tab, then towards the bottom press the 'Reset' button' that did it !ahhhh feel better already--hak
    its fine, and when you say modulation channel, do you mean the all of the wires that would only involve the green laser?
    Hey, I was just curious, for the DAC tutorial, do you need to attach all of the wires for only a single color show, or could you only attach the ones needed for the one scanner?
    Thanks =]
    St Louis?
    I used to live pretty close to there.

    My father was stationed at Scott AFB Illinois! lol. cool!
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