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  • mattmagic thanks for the rep I really appreciate it. Thanks for the opportunity to get the diodes.
    I'm here..

    You'll have to bear with me here Matt.. I've had just about the busiest 2 months I can remember, but now I'm looking at having some time to package your DAC up and get it out to you. Unfortunately almost everything I've had going on lately trumps any hobby issues, so ALL of my laser activities are on the back burner including mailing out the various items I've got that need to be shipped. As soon as I can find the time to get it out to you I'll send you a tracking number. Sorry it's taking so long, but priorities are priorities.
    I'll be stopping off at my storage on the way home from work this evening.. Once I dig it out I'll have it in the mail ASAP.
    Absolutely. I actually recommend doing that since then you can use the DAC with any projector you might have in the future.
    Sorry for the delay.. if you're only building a single color system, you only need to hook up one modulation channel, but you still need both galvo channels.
    don't think I will be able to today. I might be able to get on iPhone but that's it. Maybe Sunday/monday.

    Start a thread. I will be able to contribute better there.
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