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  • Odd. I never neg repped you. Must be some kind of glitch. I've been noticing a lot of rep glitches lately. I had left rep for a member twice and the points jumped to 3x the amount my normal rep would give. Same with a neg rep... it upped the persons rep rather than deducted it.
    Hello can you please use use your brain! I said I don't want to wait forever because certain parts of the page were suggesting I would wait like 20 days. I am sick of people like you just hollering people for dumb reasons. Also what you did was rude. Calling people suckers. What the hell were you thinking.
    I didn't want to double post so....

    You got a good looking pit man!!!! LOL He looks fun........
    In your Math help thread, See cyparagon's response about series current, My last response is WRONG!! the diodes would NOT get only about 260mA each, they would get the full 550mA!!
    I originally came here on holiday to visit a women i made friends with and go to UFC 100. I went to school out here (fullerton college) and im now happily married to the women i came out to meet. Its an amazing place out here, we have family in riverside ive only been a few times though. We could probably communicate to each other through morse code with the lasers at night haha
    Thanks for helping me out with the advice, btw your in Riverside, thats less than an hours drive from where we live, Fullerton :)
    Wow just read Bobs whole message here. The man is insane. He thinks the forum revolves around him, when we are just laughing at him. I'd say delete these, but they are a window into his insanity. Wow.
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