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  • From what I've read, you don't need goggles for a 50mW if you are careful. You should get some if you are ever going to get a 100mW or higher though!
    So have you tried burning things yet? I could not get a match to light even when focused rigjt, but I was able to light a fuse and pop some balloons. I'm glad your laser is all better!
    Sorry for not replying earlier, but my laser is doing very well. I recently started using new batteries myself, and they are MUCH better than the ones O-like provided me with. They last me about 8 days before I need a recharge, and I use the laser about 10 minutes every night. Its awesome! Have you tried getting a partial refund from O-like? I think you should tell them that you recieved a defective battery or battery charger.
    That depends on the type of laser. With most green laser pointers, attempting to "fix" them is not practical because of the size, the glue/adhesives involved, and the effort needed. It's cheaper and simpler to just replace the pointer. Things are a bit different with lab-type lasers if that's what you have. Those can be repaired.
    Hey I see you also ordered a 50mw power rock from o-like! I ordered mine on October 29th and the only update I got was "shipped" on Nov 4th. I was wondering if you have had the same experience? I'm anxious for it to arrive =)
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