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  • I was told you are an expert on here and am new to the Laser thing but want a 5 to 15 mw green flashlight or torch rechargeable and thought maybe getting 2 cheap units that are probably 30 to 50 and having someone mod one DOWN to about 10mw, so I can see the beam at night but safe without goggles for reflections ( is 5 mw better ), verify the lower power and install IR filter and keep the extra unit and send the modded one back.

    A good idea, do you think- and are you interested ?
    Cool pics in your albums ;) I didn't see any custom focus adapters though, I though you had a couple of them :thinking:
    Aloha DTR, I have to referred to you by yobresal because he said you could help me with purchasing a 2w blue laser. I am very interested so please pm me the details if you have any. Mahalos
    I am interested in the maglight 2D build and have a question about the flexdrive. On your payment page you offer the diode in a Module W/Flexdrive & Aixiz Glass Lens. Would this choice work or is this not the same as the P3 driver used in the build? If it would work, is it possible to get it with the better G2 glass? thx

    never mind what i last wrote my power supply drops below 4.8 volts by adjusting the amps it now runs 3.0 volts and 4.3 amps perfectly but the test leads get abit warm so i drop it 2.6 volts and 2.9 amps for a better prolonged use a nice cpu heatsink and the led is nice and cool
    Lol playing around with the android app, trying to find your frankenstein thread and sent u a friend request by mistake..not that I wouldn't anyway ;)
    Hey you still have 445's and flexdrives? I seen your F22 build and I would love to do the same build. So to get the flex set to 1.5W is $35 and $53 for a 445 mounted in the module? How much was the heatsink from Flaminpyro?

    member weeba2kv pointed me towards u.

    Im interrested in a laser from Lazerer :Cyber1000 - 445nm 1W Focusable Blue Laser Water Proof

    But weeba2kv told me that i might be better of contacting u, as u might be able to provide me with a quality laser, for less money..

    please get back to me on this.

    Thanks in advnace.

    Sam j
    if the heatsink is not enougth, l´d notice that touching it, right? i´m not planning to use active cooling. I´m planing to build a portable laser.
    Thanks again 4 ur time, and sorry 4 my bad english, last time i wrote english was 5 years ago.
    A hug from Argentina
    El pinguino
    Hi, yesterday i bought you via ebay 1.5-2W 445nm Blue Diode in Module W/Leads & Aixiz Glass.
    I´m from argentina,
    Can i power this diode a current source with a 100% duty cycle? (made by me)
    Is better using other duty cycle?


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