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  • Hello bobhaha,

    I have sent to you several emails about the status of Project Sydney. EveReady Labs has posted my schedule to start working so I need to hear from you AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Please contact me back via email.


    xcited state
    hey I sent you a PM for the boost driver... no reply?? i would like to invest some in it :) :beer:
    Hey bob,

    I new to the forums and i wanted a laser but, i worried about customs so i was wondering if you were selling any lasers
    Hey im also in Australia and i was going to order a 1w spartan from DL they say the ship to australia without any customs problems but id rather get a home made laser are you selling any lasers with about 1w of power?
    BTW- Just watched the video for your DinoDirect review again- I didn't have sound before.

    The lens between the collimating lens and the crystal set is the expanding lens- it's there to help reduce divergence. Contrary to popular belief it isn't the output coupler, which itself is now part of the crystal set (unlike the earlier green pointers).
    thanks for the helpAdrian- drivinfast247 had the right fixFYI--future ref.'Another thing you can try is go to: TOOLS-INTERNET OPTIONS, then click the ADVANCED tab, then towards the bottom press the 'Reset' button' that did it !ahhhh feel better already--hak
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