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Sydney, Australia


10.6um - >40W CO2 Laser - 25W RF excited CO2 Laser*
685nm - Being built!
660nm - 250mW LOC PowerLight B50 Host - 100mW WL pulsar
635nm - 430mW C6 Host*
632.8nm - Red He-Ne laser ~1mW
593.5nm - Regal 5
542.8nm - Green He-Ne laser ~2.5mW
532nm - 620mW+ lasersman Firedragon III* - 100mW PGL-III-M from JETLASERS* - 70mW Rayfoss Host*
~~~ - 175mW Rayfoss Host - <5mW WL Core - 55mW DinoDirect review laser*

488nm - On the hoist
473nm - 2x CNI lab lasers ~40mW
445nm - 3W Big Boyz Laser - >1.1W Cree C6 Host - 650mW WL Arctic
405nm - 65mW GLP-405 Aquarius host - 160mW 6x Blu-ray MXDL Host
Total: 71,868.5 mW

Laser glow LSG-532-Sport protective eye goggles OD 7+ 190-532nm HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!
Jetlasers wrap around 190-540nm OD4+ goggles*
Eagle Pair Red OD4+ goggles
Scopeguy20 Blublockers for 405nm lasers!

* indicates a review has been done, on this item.

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