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  • Hey, i want to group vuy with you for moh's sale! ill account for about $50...
    Hey mate, I don't sell any built lasers but I can definitely help you build one if you want to. If not, I'll help you find someone who is willing to sell you one.
    hey im a new member and i joined up to buy some lasers from australian builders. too scared of dodgy chinese companies and customs taking it. could i buy some 50-100mw lasers off you?
    I get most of my components from America. It is legal to import components. Just as long as they are not complete lasers.

    I haven't had anything robbed off me by customs yet, and there really isn't a reason for them to take anything off me because I never order any whole lasers.

    Anything that isn't portable/doesn't run off batteries is perfectly legal, Fiddy (LPF member) got a labby through customs that had "DPSS Laser" if I remember correctly on the customs slip.

    I am not too sure about the regulations on scanners but it should be fine :)
    Gday there!

    I just read you tagline about Australian customs... I ordered a blue pointer (only 1mW, which I thought was still legal!) a few months ago and it got snaked by them. :( :( Have you had similar experiences?

    The other thing I wanted to ask was about bigger laser systems - are they still legal? I bought a four-laser system a while ago and that got through alright, I was just hoping things hadn't changed in that respect.

    This is something close to the one I wanted to get:
    1500mw RGB DMX ILDA dj Laser+Phoenix 3.2 live software | eBay

    What do you reckon? Would it get through?

    Thanks for any help!! :)

    Yo, actually I was just working on it yesterday! I'l probably have it done in 2 days :)
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