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  • Here's the link, dude. Sorry for the delay!

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    Hey. I got my laser but every one says ive already burnt it out. I used three aaa without a drver and it was bright for three seconds then faided. I got to get a knew one. Should i get a red or blue laser diode
    oh.. nah sorry man i don't stock up on sleds, only order them in when i need them!
    ive only got 1 sled at the moment.. it has a ir diode as well.. i got a 6x being shipped soon. The current sled does not have the magnets, but all other optics are there!
    Yes of course, I know, I'll try to act accordinly to my age next time.
    And yeah, since you say you worked with a lot of bluray lasers, you have any sleds you would like to sell?
    No worries.. this forum is for learning and sharing of knowledge.. I know english is not your native tounge and that some things you say don't carry the same meaning! Yes I will shake and make up. My only comment is that could you please respond in an eduacated fashion rather then flaming. Forums are to teach, learn and research and arguments don't do any of the above. Lets start over with a clean plate and try learn from our mistakes!

    All the best -Adrian
    Hey, listen donno were that post was when we got up to an argument, however, i apologise again, please do not take offence in what i said :(
    Sup bobhaha. Still looking to invite to Lockerz.com. Send me an invite. I heard bout the games and that got my ear. Thank you for your time.
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