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    CO2 lasers and PSU's

    Hey guys, its been a while... So I have a CO2 laser cutting machine, currently using a 1.2m long CO2 tube, apparently rated for 40W. The laser tube has seen the light at the end of the tunnel and is dead. I'm wanting to replace it, but the cheap 40W laser tubes are all 700mm long. A good 500mm...
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    Oldschooler lost amongst the flood of new stuff.

    Very cool, thanks.
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    Oldschooler lost amongst the flood of new stuff.

    High power C-mount reds have always been a thing. So nothing in 3.8, 5 or 9 mm package pumping 2W+?
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    Keeping a small dot over one mile distance

    That's just because the moon is made of cheese :na:
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    Oldschooler lost amongst the flood of new stuff.

    Monster reds? Please explain, I've been away for a while too.
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    What's your favorite Pokemon?

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    Oldschooler lost amongst the flood of new stuff.

    Hey Kenom, Welcome back, any plans on finishing the Kryton Beast project?
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    Hardware / Software needed for single color animation

    Hmm really interesting product, the website says " It projects red, green and purple laser shapes and rotates by motor. " Do you know how the actual machanics work? What do you mean by position detector galvo? You also mention it has a SD card slot... I assume this allows you to create your...
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    What am I seeing?

    New kids on the block need some learning to do :na:
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    WTB: High power 532nm 12mm module.

    What kind of power do you want? 200mW is about the limit you're going to get out of a 12mm module. Typically the 300mW+ modules are in a 22mm package
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    Who are our active Australians?

    What's a laser?
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    Anyone selling laser parts in Germany?

    I'm temporarily living in Germany at the moment.
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    Anyone selling laser parts in Germany?

    Looking for a shop with similar products to DTR's laser shop.... but ships out of Germany. If you know the site / member, please let me know. Thanks!
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    Looking for someone to repair my 445nm 3.1w sci-fi laser

    Diode can be tested with a DMM... I'd imagine it'd only be the driver that shat itself.
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    Laser Diodes and Gear Best Lasers?

    Well you have come to the right place. Time to do some research here. As for the lasers you want to buy, in most cases a 5mW laser will come overspec. I can't tell you if those specific ones will be overspec enough to burn anything, but it is conceivable. If you are interested in a laser that...