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  • Very interested in this blue laser and it will be my first blue laser I have a 200mw green. So it would be $140 shipped to the us right? How fast would it get here if I payed for expedited shipping? How much have you used this?
    Hey man
    Do you like lasers?

    Fuck yeah you do.

    -Holy shit all of those photons are moving in the same direction. It's like a motherfucking army of photons marching toward your retina goddamn!
    -This shit is used to read data off of reflective discs. WHAT THE FUCK how can lasers read shit off of thin shiny pieces of plastic I mean holy fucking crap it's gotta have a tiny wizard in there or some shit.
    -Are you gonna want to use a lame-ass flashlight or a stupid lighter? Fuck no, you want a laser shit yes!
    -I hear they figured out how far away the moon is using lasers or some shit. That doesn't make any fucking sense!
    -They come in any fucking colour you can think of. Even some colours that aren't even colours like infrared. WTF is infrared? Fuck you, I don't know.
    -Dear motherfucking shit they move at the speed of light and nothing is faster than the speed of light because Einstein said so goddamn
    Hi. I'd like to buy 2x of the blue 1+w laser diodes and the power boards.
    I guess I need some glass lenses as well.
    I plan on mounting the diodes in a copper block to keep the temp way down.
    Can you guide me on which diodes, power module, and lenses I should consider?
    I'd really like to get some long life out of this- and want to build it to last.

    It's my ~1.3A max adjustable output for diode, +12V in for fan, a separate circuit for +9V for the ammeter
    two rectifier circuits, two LM317s, one in current source configuration, potentiometer, ammeter display :)
    lol nancy grace
    Nice lol. But, hang on. Why will yours look 'similar'? I thought it was just the LPM?
    TELL ME MORE haha.
    That's not yours right? It's delicious anyway.
    I live near Lee's :p Which is right near Main Electronics too. In fact, Main Electronics is right next door lol
    Me? I haven't a clue D:
    I don't even know where to get thermally conductive silicone adhesive atm - I want it for a 445 'pointer' I'm going to build. Qumefox's host. Will be my first portable I think. So far I've only wanted to build a lab-style one.
    Anyway, I don't think I'm understanding the layout? Projector plate? Explain? lol.
    What's that stand for even? lol. Never really bothered looking.
    I don't have anything portable. Not yet anyway.
    Bah close enough :p
    I think of anyone in the Vancouver Metropolitan Area as being 'in Vancouver,' until the discussion gets to more specific areas anyway. Still good. Dunno if you saw any blue beams coming from VANCOUVER Vancouver a week or so ago :p.
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