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    Old Laser Product Patents are expiring, grab yours today.

    Merged duplicate thread
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    Will my Arctic Spyder III make it through customs? ( Canada )

    If they catch it they will confiscate it, no doubt. They're always taking my freaking lightbulbs. Whether or not they check the package is a game of roulette.
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    Wtf is this???

    It's what makes copper IUD's possible :D
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    how to wire multiple diodes to one driver?

    Putting laser diodes in series is the best option. If you run them in parallel you need resistors in series with each diode to limit the current, without the resistors you run the risk of one diode drawing more current than the others. In series they need (num diodes)*(voltage drop per diode)...
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    FS: 40W Presstek diode

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    What are the best science fiction movies?

    Contact (1997) is one of my favorites. This gif of one scene has been going around the web quite a bit recently. More recently interstellar was amazing, felt like 2001 a space odyssey all over again.
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    FS: Large lasers

    Bump, one HeNe still for sale
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    Pulse tragedy

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    Windows 10 slow?

    Windows 10 is slow if you keep all the stock rubbish running, but if you slim it down it's definitely faster than previous OS's. If you care about battery life on mobile devices Cortana should be the first thing to go, followed by all live tiles. Then the horrifically un-optimized search...
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    Welcoming Hap as new moderator

    Have to take a victory lap for the first ban though :na:
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    Space Discussion Thread

    and we can always send our garbage back out to equalize the mass :D
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    laser line

    Hey guys - las is a new member here (not a returning banned member) be nice. :p
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    How would you react if the reputation system is removed on LPF?

    There are a lot of PM's and reported posts behind the scenes of people crying foul, saying it's against the rules to leave neg rep (I wish I was joking) among other things. It's definitely not clear to people how the system can be used. If it stays there needs to be an agreement on it, and...
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    FS: Large lasers

    projector is sold, bump