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  • All I was doing was trying to figure how to upload a picture. Then some dip wad makes a big deal about it.
    Then the title changes.
    It just looks like "somebody" can change what ever they want.
    Ive completed the order so do they bill me for the lot once they've found out the postage costs? I checked my online bank but they dont seem to have taken anything yet?
    My order was about $10
    All the postage prices was $30 apart from something mail... Which didnt have a price so i picked that lol...
    Thanks mate. Ive ordered some bits on there. Didnt understand the postage costs though.
    Do they bill me after? Time will tell i guess

    Thanks for your help
    Hi man, I read on one of the posts that you found a good deal on quick show. Would like to know more about it :)
    Hi there. Can you do me a favor and explain two things for me? I want to purchase a Jetlaser PL-E 445NM from this website High power and stability PL-E 445NM 447nm blue Lasers.. I have an option between 1,2W Fokus Adjustable lub 1,5W Fokus Fixed and collimated and im not sure which one i should go with. Do you know the differences between the two of them?
    Also, is there a huge visible differece b/t 1,2W and 1,5? I'm considering buying the 1,5W laser but i'm not sure if i would be able to adjust the beam on it?
    Thanks a lot!
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