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  • What? That's not an LPM, it's a projector, like this: 1.8W RGB with 445nm - YouTube

    Lets continue this in the Lower Mainlanders group, so we don't clog up our visitor message board :p
    Yeah, not my setup, though mine will end up pretty similar, I got a 3U rack mount case from Lee's to put it in. Should be finished by the end of September.
    Try Ebay for the adhesive, or lee's electronic on main street, they have loads of stuff. The baseplate is for mounting all the projector parts onto.
    LPM may not be for a while :p, not until I can find a base plate for my projector, either of you know were to get a 11"x17" sheet of aluminium? 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 thick will work. I tried ABC traders, but they only had huge pieces for 60$
    thats a great idea!
    i have o-like waterproof 200mw red (measured 175 by RHD)
    DX 50mw sd-306 focusable (estimated 90mw)
    and a ahappydeal "200mw" green (measured 120mw)
    and a few pens that i sold off

    were all going to crash ARG's place when he gets his LPM >=D
    We should have a LEM in Vancouver sometime, since there are so many of us now, I think that's 6 of us in the lower-mainland area.
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