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  • Check my SELEM thread on friday- I will give details to the live streaming from the venue-- cool but WAY cool in person- that 21WRGB should be sick!!
    prolly a dozen full color over 5 W too and a crapload of 1 to 4 W rgbs-

    they daisy chain them together so you see one guys work preformed on many PJs.
    Mike Dunn is coming!!-- he is THE MAN. I hope i win another of his $500 pieces(6 min. or less- yeah.. he is THAT good) google mike Dunn laser. He used to live in Tx,
    just sent you an invite
    after you join look for tools above discussions and click 'subscribe'
    there is a laser meet in DFW another in San Antonio(next MAY be first weekend in NOv. I travle on thursday to SELEM we hope that TEXLEM will some day be as big.
    Google both- se the vids AT YOU TUBE
    Sorry, I just post them in the Buy sell section as I build them. If you find any I have built in the past posted on the forum then I am usually willing to build those again.
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