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April 13
Colorado, USA
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325nm: Omni 2056-M-A01 HeCd
375nm: Melles Griot RCS-007

405nm: Melles Griot RCS
430nm: Coherent D3 430-10
441.6nm: Omnichrome 2056-M-A01/4074-P-A03 HeCd laser
457.9nm: Argon Ion Line

472nm Omni-643RYB Whitelight Line
473nm: CNI MGL-473-100, CNI GLP-473-5
476.5nm: Argon Ion Line

480nm: Coherent Sapphire custom 480-200
483nm Omni-643RYB Whitelight Line
488nm: Argon Ion Line, Spectra Physics Cyan 488-20 DECSL, Coherent Sapphire 488-100

496.5nm: Argon Ion Line
501.7: Argon Ion Line
514.5nm: Argon Ion Line
520nm: Trustfire A8 Custom

532nm: Coherent Genesis SM 532-1000, LG Hercules-325, Coherent DPSS 200
543.5nm: 05-LGR-193 Melles Griot HeNe 3.8mW, Melles Griot LGB-563 HeNe
552nm: Coherent Obis 552-20
561nm: Melles Griot 85-YCA-015, Coherent Sapphire 561-100, Coherent Genesis 561-2000
568nm: Omni-643RYB Whitelight Line

577nm: Coherent Genesis 577-3000
583.8nm: DPSS line
586.2nm: DPSS line
588.6nm: CNI PGL-M-80

591nm: DPSS line
593.5nm: CNI pointer >1mW
594nm: Coherent Obis 594-60
594.1nm: Coherent 31-2230-000 (4.5mW)

604.6nm: LOR-150 HeNe line
609nm: Raman HeNe line
611.8nm: Melles Griot LOR-150 HeNe, LOR-006 HeNe

632.8nm: Spectra Physics Model-127 (>35mW), Model-124B, Model-120, Model-117, others
Melles Griot LHB-580, LHB-190, WHR-570

641nm: Melles Griot RCS
647nm: Omni-643RYB Whitelight Line
659.6nm: Laser Quantum IGNIS DPSS laser 0.5W

671nm: CNI PGL-III-C-100
676nm: Omni-643RYB Whitelight Line
690nm: custom diode laser
694nm: Portable Q-switched Ruby

1152.6nm: SP-120 HeNe alt. mirrors
1523.5nm: Melles Griot LIR-151 HeNe
3391nm: SP-124 alt. mirrors


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