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ArcticMyst Security by Avery
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  • K
    dude it was supposed to be a funny thread you killed it
    thanks obama
    I seen your blogs about selem.. DON"T trust baggage guys. I watched personally deck apes throw 4000$ of my equipment onto the top on a luggage cart staked eight feet in the air. Luckily Me and my bf wrapped it three times with bubble pack . only minor damage and had to readjustments were necessary.

    you may have to hire a carpenter to make your crates. thats what I did for the rest of my props to keep them from being damaged. Do ship ahead and rent a pickup if you are bringing out the big guns
    It is hot and steamy here..I lost four pounds in two days in sweat. How is our little project coming?
    anyway Can you tell about what branch of service you are in and what your goals are. Just curious.
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