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  • crazy the kid stirred up a hornet nest and can not take the heat thanks for the rep
    Thank you! :beer: Dealing with life for a bit. Catching up with all my laser buddies and projects now :) Mini Me is eternal, he'll never get tired ;)

    ~ LB
    Hey man thanks for the message! I've been super busy in school finishing my chemistry degree. I really do miss the hobby side of lasers! :( How have you been??
    believe me i tried, system wouldn't allow. making up rules to win an auction isn't cool either
    will do. For future reference, you can type out a post, then hit "preview" and it will show exactly what your post will look like, including your signature
    It's not there anymore, is it? That's why you put n/a for thread. I'd appreciate it if you removed the bad rep...
    You know, crazyspaz, it would have been cool to ask before giving me a bad rep. I'm new to the board and I was testing out how to get a signature on all my posts. I thought I deleted those, there were a few, but if you remind me where they are, I'll get rid of them for you.
    Did I receive a rep from you telling me to take my spam elsewhere? I'm not used to the Board yet, but it appears that way.
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