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  • Hello drake my name is Richard I am from the UK and I am a big fan of your YouTube channel i share a lot of similar interests (electronics,lasers, Tesla coils chemistry etc) and I have just got a 80w cw NDYAG LASER well the module and psu but I cannot find any technical information on this particular laser I am In the process of reverse engineering the control circuit but as you can imagine it’s no mean feat i was wondering if you could make a video showing your yag laser psu in more detail as this may help kind regards rich
    Hi Drake, I have accepted your offer for the laser. If you send me a PM whenever you have time, I can then confirm payment and shipping details.
    Are you still selling your 300mW 473nm laser?
    I would be interested in buying it of you but would need to get a quote for it going to the UK.
    Hi there styropyro,

    On your "Liquidation Sale" page I noticed you're selling the CNI 150mw green pen for $125. I'm really hoping I could buy it from you, as this is exactly the laser I've wanted to purchase next. Plus, the shipping would be super cheap from Carbondale to Naperville :D

    Surely you're busy with the school year concluding soon, that's completely understandable. Just whenever you're able to, I'd love to buy this one. Send me a PM whenever, thanks!


    Your post - "CNI GLP Green laser, 150mW $125 shipped
    This is a very nice greenie. A CNI GLP that does not drop below 150mW over a minute from cold startup (3.0V on DC PSU) and peaks over 170mW. This laser is running at near the highest possible 532nm output from a pen laser while still being rated for a long life."
    Hey Styro that 476 Blue is so beautiful.

    I wonder if you can do a few eye safe but visible beams with IR Filters in the
    851 Hosts if I send you some from Ebay ..

    They will be the complete Laser that uses CR 123 and they usually have the
    Focus tip.

    476 at 5 milliwatts would be visible beam right ?

    515nm or 520nm would be cool.

    A 18650 host would be OK.. those 851 look cool though.

    I could order some from Ebay send you a few extras plus money of course.

    E Bolt Lasers uses direct drive on their Astronomy Lasers and has visible beams on 532 515 and they say 450nm all at true 5 milliwatts.

    How much would these cost 520 and if you can get Aqua 576mn. ?
    Hi styropyro, I have always been wondering,what does styropyro mean??
    And how many lasers do u have in total and which colour of lasers do u like the most??(in nm)
    Ps:pls post YouTube videos more often, those are my favorite things to watch on YouTube.........
    hello friend, huge fan of yours.. but I thought I should let you no that your videos being stolen by this channel youlasertube.. just thought I should let you no. your the reason I got into this hobby, I love your work..

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