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  • how much are you asking for the laser? i would make an offer but im new to this fourm, and wouldnt want to insult you. does it come with batt and charger?

    and hey if you havent gotten an offer with it yet ill give you 80, and A NETBOOK LAPTOP
    I'm attempting to build the DVD diode laser that you built on your youtube video but I'm not sure what goggles to buy. I've seen the "Eagle Pair 190-400nm & 580-760nm Laser Safety Goggles" but I'm not sure if these are the ones I should buy for this laser I'm building. Do you have any advice?

    Thanks man!
    hey i was wondering if u knew if it was possible to put a focusable lens on a ebay 200mw green pen. it looks like a 5mw pen but its 200mw. and i love ur vids on youtube u got me into lasers
    Hey styro, I just built my first laser from your dead computer hack video. I am really happy that it works. Thanks!
    Thanks for your video on replacing the module in a NewWish green pointer. I followed your instructions and replaced the original <5mW module with a <150mW green module bought off Ebay. Because of your help, another pointer is working again!
    Sorry im acting like a beggar lol but can u please please please send me beamshots of the 1aaa starfield 5mw green laser
    Hey, thanks a lot for the latest video! (The "What Can Certain mW Do?" one.) +1! I'm adding it to the guide, it should help clear some things up. =)
    Hey man I saw your youtube videos, along with the rest of the people here, and saw you mentioned budgetgadgets and ALSO noticed that you live in illinois, so im wondering if its possible to order a laser from there and actually get it. if you can just message me or something if you have any info
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