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  • Hey Adam. Yes I got it thanks. I just got up and saw your message, dont forget the time difference!;) :beer:
    BTW N/P with you being 15- We have seen even young guys at these- often with a parent. BUT we do not discriminate due to age- all who attend sign a waiver to relieve the laser projector owner of any liability( its a somewhat dangerous event) - many dozens of projector everywhere and too much danger for kids.-- SELEM is NOT open to the public- only forum members and their guests may attend.
    Some of the links are from threads and posts at the 'other' forum. Those guys are much more into laser projectors and hardly any interest in handhelds( in fact most dont like them much and own none) BUT all are great to meet regardless.. they just have little or no need for even a pointer and see them as a trouble-making item for ALL who have interest in lasers due to the stoopid things some people do with these ( like lasing aircraft)-- Not sure how far away you are from Newton --but I have driven there times from Houston-- Join that 'other' forum and subscribe to the SELEM thread - search SELEM at that forum for lts of videos- dates & details-- SELEM is so great many use their vacation time to go. This year it has been expanded to include another day as there is SO much to see and do that 3 days was not long enough-- BUT if for some valid reason you can do the entire event just coming for all day Sat. etc would be worth all you need to do to attend.
    hello DOOD!

    NC- nice state (in the summer!) BUT you state cops are dicks!! (somewhat unjust speeding ticket going to the SELEM event)

    FYI- SELEM happens mid Aug. and unless you have a damn good reason you need to attend.

    MANY.. start plans to attend while at the last years event-
    YOU wil be amazed- and very glad you went- search 'Selem Laser' (google) or SELEM Laser at Youtube to see and get details.
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