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  • The review has been posted, but it is not complete. Is more like a placeholder, if you want to add it, be free to do it ;)

    Lucky boys, eh? Luckly Chuck Norris (amen) will not read the news. Sadly he will be retired in 2012, did you know? :cryyy:
    hey buddy, I just bought my greenie, in a couple days he will be in my house. I'd like for you to add it in the RL for me then ;)
    oh, thats for you: Two Teens Arrested After Teacher Finds Hit List Targeting Chuck Norris - Celebrity Gossip | Entertainment News | Arts And Entertainment - FOXNews.com
    LOLZ! I was just getting ready to post this to you
    Dude, congratulations :))) So what kind of pad is it? I know you've been aiming for a drawing tool, but i'm not an expert in that area... :-/
    Enjoy it &

    happy belated birthday, Niko! :beer::bday:
    Lol! Nah, just Lithtech's Jupiter game engine (read: F.E.A.R. 2)
    But you have to laugh at the mainenance manual... looks like one of the developers owns at least a pointer ;)
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