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  • Lol thats ok, that just makes the "time frames" even better, since i'll be using the Flex Drive V5 for it instead of V4. V5 has reverse polarity protection..but doesn't ship out till sept 8th.
    heh yep i do, i already found them. two black anodized heatsinks for the dorcy jr. from
    Dark_Horse customs
    sounds like a plan. i'll look around tomorrow after work to see if i have two of those heatsink...i'm pretty positive i do.
    if your using the flex drive, then i would just go with a different host.....
    it could be made to work in my host but it would be alot of wasted space.
    about about matching Dorcy Jr's? i've already got one heatsink from dark_horse (maybe two if i look around but both black anodized)...so you would just need to buy the hosts.
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