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  • i need this part,
    i just bout a casio xj-A140 but it needs laser diodes and heatsink, all diode block. i need to fix my projector, thank you.
    Hi, any chance you can send me a few broken diodes to play with?
    I am especially interested in LED'd or shorted ones as I can do something with those.
    Seems that you can "blow out" the short using some creative hacking, and regain some output at least in the LED operating mode.
    I did manage to recover a fried red diode using the same method, and it had near 100% output (!) from 50 ohm short before.

    hey i sent you a pm with the dimensions of the rngs. if you can get back to me asap that would be great.

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    Hey Kiyoukan,
    I was wondering what happened to your 445 build that you were going to make, with the poll thread of about ten hosts?
    I know you said you could get that HUGE host for around $50 bucks?
    Just wondering what happened...any updates...?
    i was wanting to know if you have any of the PT-54 Luminous LED's out of the casio projectors you are willing to part with??
    Okay so my GPU fried on me so i might be away till a new one comes in.
    Its a sad day my HD4870 x2 machine is dead...
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