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*My Collection*

20mW rated 473nm PGL III-C outputing 55+mW and peaked at 96mW:Dthanks Glenn!!
80mW rated 589nm PGL III-C:san:
300mW rated 532nm PGL-III-C---Peak---450mW!!!

250mW labby from ebay---peaks near 300mW!

125mW viper DL-peak 188mW
50mW focusable ~Top laser 301-peak 44.12mW
Several modded pens 10 -30mW
445nm diode pocket mini build, 700mA ~ 600mW---
445nm diode in 18650 kit---1.1A---1W

16X LCC chrome pckt mini, flex 500mA, outputting 303.2mW with G1
LOC with RKCSTR-- 434mA thanks FPyro-peak 305.1mW with G1
130mW 3.8mm diode pointer from moh-peak 140mW
635nm AtlasNova 5mW outputting 2mW
8X BH08LS20 diode in MX host 420mW with DFW lens thanks FPyro!!
SF-AW210 in jayrob pocket mini, flex drive 177mA~230mW with G1 glass
5mW ebaser with star cap puttin out 34mW
50mW focusable ~Top laser 302
200mW 808nm skylasers pointer-peak 291.2mW
Melles Griot He-Ne Bare Tube w/ mini PSU
JDS UNIPHASE 1508 Novette
Melles Griot Bare Tube HeNe w/ power supply
Cheap surplus Bare Tube HeNe
543nm Bare tube HeNe--Awesome tube!

Andover Holography LPM 1


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