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  • hey guys been reading for a few weeks bought my first laser dec. 26 from priceangle.com

    recieved jan13th also ordered one from dealextrem one day later still have not recieved

    its the first green laser i ever seen its much better that i expected now i want more and

    different colors and i want to burn stuff i cant get enough i know from reading you all

    know how i feel LOL i dont care to build so im just looking for some resonably priced

    lasers that ship to the US whould like a red and/or green for burning 180+ then a blue or

    violet (dont know what size) and my GF wants a orange one if they even make em if any

    one has a good used one i might be interested i it if the price is right and it works any

    suggestions whould be greatly appreciated (i dont have Ebay)
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