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  • Hi 'doc, about that line drive tube preamp board. Sticking this in line with my power amps is just what I had in mind. I'm currently bi-amping with a Carver M500-T handling my bass and a Marantz 2270 serving up the rest.

    Tubes? Oh, I've GOT tubes :cool: Thousands of them. All NIB, mostly from the 50's and early sixties. I'll run an RCA grey plate 7025 or two in this board if'n I wind up with it.

    I think I've got the power supply taken care of as well. What plate voltage does it want?

    Thanks for including this in the box! I sincerely hope I wind up with it although karma may insist I add something special my own self.
    hey doc I am looking a pwr suppys and I have a thread up and i need help choosing one that will not kill my budget could you give a look if you have time and help me out

    I pulled a old e machine dvd rw apart today and got a couple of rectangle diodes out I have not resources or any idea how to test them or use them one is a red and one is ir I have found pics of them online I wondering if you would want them to play with
    Re - sent you an invite to LSLF- longhorns- sooners and Aggies are all welcome as long as we dont talk FOOTBALL!! J/k I am from Ohio anyway - go buckeyes
    Hey - Just checking to see if you got my last email, and if you had a chance to get any pics yet? Thanks :yh:
    Hey man, you should do a review and multimedia thread on your Titanium laser! I am dying to see it!
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